Gabe Knox "ABC" (vinyl LP)

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Gabe Knox "ABC" (vinyl LP)
Gabe Knox "ABC" (vinyl LP)
Gabe Knox "ABC" (vinyl LP)

Gabe Knox is one-half of Analytica, who's debut self-titled album we just released via Ice Machine. We have 30 copies of Gabe's excellent debut solo LP from last year on the cult UK synth label, Polytechnic Youth. Influences range from Neu! to Vince Clarke to Spacemen 3 to Le Car! These LPs are sold out from the label and there aren't too many copies of them floating around anymore, so this may just be your last chance to pick one of these up...

Please note: This release is not available from us in digital download format, and the purchase of this LP does not include a digital audio download.


Polytechnic Youth often likes to quote the artist directly in its press releases, and this one is no exception. Gabe’s own words, more than adequately explaining the path leading to this killer set for 2019; 'It feels a little ridiculous to pretend that the person introducing you to Gabe Knox is some kind of bigwig press agent and not just Gabe Knox himself, so let me, Gabe Knox, tell you a little about myself in that hopes that you’ll give my music a listen: In 2014, after years of moderate success as a local musician and club DJ in Toronto, Canada, I looked at my collection of barely functioning analogue synths and drum machines and said to myself - Instead of trying to unsuccessfully make music you think other people will like, why don’t you make something that you’d actually want to listen to for once? - I wanted to make music that had the drive shaft of Neu!, the punishing low end of King Tubby, the interleaved melodic lines of Vince Clarke, the melancholic, otherworldly whimsy of Raymond Scott and Delia Derbyshire, the hypnotic drone of Spacemen 3, and the analogue intimacy of Le Car. I wanted to bring the euphoria and hypnosis of dance music to the rock kids, and the energy and excitement of rock music to the dance kids.

This was going to be a tough sell in the clique-y Toronto music scene, so I figured the best way to get the music out there would be by recording when I can and self-releasing a steady stream of EPs online. They would all be a series, a snapshot of the evolution of that initial idea. "ABC" represents a compilation of the best songs of the first three EPs, subtly remixed and remastered to best suit vinyl. I hope you love listening to it as much as I loved making it.'

This really is a remarkable record. Displaying all the Polytechnic Youth traits of icy cool blasts of minimal synth, motorik grooves, melodic pop via passing nods to early mute and sky records. Never before did label head Dom think he’d get the chance to namecheck 2 musical heroes from wildly differing poles -Vince Clarke and Spacemen 3- into one LP PR sheet, so he’s understandably excited for this one’s release!


A1 Look & Listen
A2 Glacial Drift
A3 Speak & Spell
A4 Cité Radieuse
B1 Primeros Pasos
B2 Das Auto
B3 The Tomorrow People
B4 Esperanto
B5 Data Set

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