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Celldöd “Mekaniskt Gränsland” (vinyl LP)

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Celldöd “Mekaniskt Gränsland” (vinyl LP)
Celldöd “Mekaniskt Gränsland” (vinyl LP)
Artist: Celldöd
Title: Mekaniskt Gränsland
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction033
Format: vinyl LP (also available on CD)

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After a series of extremely limited cassettes and his Suction debut vinyl EP, we are pleased to present “Mekaniskt Gränsland,” the debut full-length release by Sweden’s Celldöd.

There are many young techno producers discovering the power and finding influence in the raw and bleak electronic sounds of early industrial and EBM music; from Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle to Nitzer Ebb and Front 242. But there are few who sound as perfectly authentic as Celldöd. Celldöd’s Anders Karlsson is not a young techno producer but a seasoned EBM musician and fanatic; a member of bands such as The Pain Machinery and Bunkersex.

“Mekaniskt Gränsland” (translation: Mechanical Twilight) is dirty, electronic dance floor music, hardware driven, mostly instrumental and stripped to the bare bone. The album was made during long, late-night sessions, working with semi-functioning gear from the past (analogue synths, drum machines, cassette decks, old tape delays and spring reverbs) as well as new, small and inexpensive machines. Karlsson’s modus operandi for Celldöd is to keep the grit and the rough edges in the production, submitting to the beauty and power of imperfection.

The album was originally submitted as a collection of relentless, pounding EBM slammers, equal parts rigid and funky but consistently geared to the dance floor. However, Celldöd decided to explore his ambient and experimental side as well and the resulting interludes give “Mekaniskt Gränsland” a more ominous and storylike pace; an uncommon achievement on an album geared to the dance floor. From Celldöd: “Even though you exist in this mechanical twilight, you must try to move forward. Always. Never stand still. Just living is not enough. Do whatever it takes. If you stop, you’ll drown".

A1. Svart Magi
A2. Forörtsångest
A3. Jag Vet Att Du Vet
A4. Impulskontroll
B1. Under Press
B2. Allting Faller
B3. Stormens Öga
B4. Kognitiv Förvrängning

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