Alan Harman "Human Research Program" (cassette)

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Alan Harman "Human Research Program" (cassette)
Alan Harman "Human Research Program" (cassette)
Alan Harman "Human Research Program" (cassette)
Alan Harman "Human Research Program" (cassette)
Alan Harman "Human Research Program" (cassette)
Artist: Alan Harman
Title: Human Research Program
Label / CAT#: Ice Machine / iMach007
Format: Cassette LP / digital
Release Date: July 15 2022

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Tapes will ship on/near the July 15 release date. Pre-order comes with a digital Mp3 attachment containing 2 songs for immediate download. The tape ships with a Bandcamp download card inside that includes the rest of the album.


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Alan Harman is the solo minimal synth project of Ethan Harman from the small town of Port Hope, Ontario, about 1.5 hours outside of Toronto. Suction Records’ minimal synth/post-punk sublabel, Ice Machine, is proud to present Alan Harman’s debut physical release, “Human Research Program,” a full-length cassette compiling selections from a series of self-released digital EPs and singles. The project came to our attention via an interview in Legowelt’s Shadow Wolf zine. The interview was conducted by Legowelt himself, who wrote: “Buried deep in the snow of the Canadian internet one will occasionally find a great authentic undiscovered artist who lives in obscurity devoted to their art. An artist like ALAN HARMAN.”

Alan Harman cites the influence of early-Martial Canterel (aka the solo project of Xeno & Oaklander’s Sean McBride), Belgian minimal synth project Snowy Red, and Canadian cult synth duo (and Ice Machine label alumnus) Ceramic Hello, who Harman described in his Shadow Wolf interview as, “a perfect embodiment of Canadian sound because it gives you this cold, distant feeling which is exactly how it feels living here; isolated and far away from the rest of the world.”

The project came to be when Harman found himself disillusioned with the lack of band-mate prospects in Port Hope, realizing that synthesizers and drum machines could afford him the opportunity to become his own one-man-band. With a small set-up including a Korg MS-20 synth, a TR-808 drum machine clone, and a homemade spring reverb unit, Harman writes and records his songs alone, always beginning from scratch, and usually the tracks are written, recorded, and mixed within half-an-hour. The spontaneous nature of the recordings, and the raw tone of the electronics and vocal delivery, gives the music an authentic, early-‘80s synth DIY feel, at times reminiscent of minimal synth genre classics by Thomas Leer and Robert Rental, Absolute Body Control, and John Bender.

Available digitally, and on limited-edition cassette (75 copies only) — includes a Bandcamp download card inside.


A1. Ground Zero
A2. Circuits Beneath
A3. 953-135 (Frontlines I)
A4. 1249-130
A5. Held Together
A6. Shell Shock (167-155)
B1. Phosphene Activity
B2. 230-155
B3. Frontlines II
B4. Touch of Gray
B5. Glory Be

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