The Mitgang Audio "The View From Your New Home" (vinyl EP)

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The Mitgang Audio "The View From Your New Home" (vinyl EP)
The Mitgang Audio "The View From Your New Home" (vinyl EP)

Artist: The Mitgang Audio
Title: The View From Your New Home
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction019
Format: vinyl EP (also available on CD with additional tracks)

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Suction Records is pleased to present "The View from Your New Home," the debut full-length release by The Mitgang Audio. This is suction019. The Mitgang Audio is the solo project of Ray Sweeten, temporarily residing in a windowless room in Brooklyn, NYC. Sweeten is also known for his musical contributions to the Sesame Street program (seriously) and as a member of the NYC synthpop/multimedia-performance band, The Plantains.

"The View from Your New Home" is a stunning collection of music as diverse as The Mitgang Audio's influences: Ultravox, Wendy Carlos, Alexander Robotnik, Thomas Tallis, Giorgio Moroder, The Slits, etc. In case you haven't guessed, this is not your standard Suction Records release. In fact, we haven't heard anything quite like this before.

First, there are the dance-floor pop anthems like "Minor Causes," "Binary Life," "Stelle Di Radio" and "La Mantide"; glossy, throbbing disco sequences and icy robotic vocals never sounded quite like this before. Somehow foreign yet irresistible, electropop perfection. And this is not the only trick up The Mitgang Audio's sleeve. He also delivers surreal IDM vocoder arias such as "Passenger Perspective" and "Forme"; an introspective ambient composition (title track) and the Vince Clarke-ian disco track "Tokyo-Scope." "The View from Your New Home" is anything but a typical debut release.

Italy is an important influence on the music of The Mitgang Audio, which originated during a 2-year residency at the Villa Fanna, Catena di Villorba. Four of the seven vocal tracks are sung in Italian, recalling an abandoned chateau high in the Italian Alps, overlooking an improbable Alpine city. "Presently, a synthetic recitative rings out over an obsessive Jupiter-6 bass line and robotic disco beat. Secret lives unfurl, boundaries are psychically transgressed and love is slowly washed hundreds of miles away to the sea. We invite you to luxuriate in The View from Your New Home."


A1. Minor Causes
A2. Passenger Perspective
A3. Tokyo-Scope
B1. La Mantide
B2. Binary Life
B3. Stelle Di Radio

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