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V/A "Snow Robots Volume 4" (vinyl EP)

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V/A "Snow Robots Volume 4" (vinyl EP)
V/A "Snow Robots Volume 4" (vinyl EP)
V/A "Snow Robots Volume 4" (vinyl EP)
V/A "Snow Robots Volume 4" (vinyl EP)
Artist: [Various Artists - compilation]
Title: Snow Robots Volume 4
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction035
Format: 12-inch vinyl EP

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Formed in 1997, and inaugurated that year with a split 12” from new-comers and label founders, Solvent and Lowfish, this year Suction Records celebrates it’s 20th anniversary with the re-introduction of their famed Snow Robots series of compilations.

While originally started as a North American answer to UK electronix labels like Rephlex, Skam and Warp Records, a sound that is still a staple of the current Suction Records catalog, Suction’s sound has also swerved into new territories, reflecting our love of dark ‘80s electronic music - synthpop, EBM, and beyond…. Snow Robots Volume 4 features an international array of artists, from Suction Records mainstays like Digital Poodle, June, Celldöd, and Ceramic Hello (with their much sought-after 1982 vocoder anthem), to label-favourites appearing on Suction Records for the first time: Beau Wanzer, Morah, and one of Skanfrom/Sleeparchive’s lesser known aliases, Civil Defence Programme.


A1. Civil Defence Programme - Wrong Diagnosis (2010)
A2. Morah - Learned Robot (2017)
A3. Beau Wanzer - Dead Heads (2001)
A4. Celldöd - Pulsdisco 1.2 (2014)
B1. Ceramic Hello - Sampling The Blast Furnace (1982)
B2. Digital Poodle - Soul Crush [Manie Sans Délire
revision] (2016)
B3. June - Idealized States Of Perfection (2016)

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